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First Time Buyer Mortgage with Beneco Financial Services
Start Your Financial Planning for First Time Buyer Mortgage with Beneco Financial Services

Start Your Financial Planning for First Time Buyer Mortgage with Beneco Financial Services

You will face difficulty getting a first-time buyer mortgage, especially if you have no prior mortgage history. The process has many complex steps and confusing terms. From saving for deposit to maintaining a good credit score, the entire process can be complicated.

We are here to assist you. As one of the best first time buyer mortgage broker London, Beneco Financial Services will make the complex process easy for you. Our expert team provides guidance and excellent support to get the most suitable first time buyer mortgage in London.

Beneco Financial Services can be your trusted partner for first time buyer mortgage needs in London. Ready to turn your financial dreams into reality? Start your journey today!

Types Of First Time Home Buyer Mortgage

Fixed-rate Mortgages

Offset Mortgages

Tracker Mortgages

Interest Only Mortgages

Discounted Variable-rate Mortgages

Guarantor Mortgages

Find Out If You’re Eligible

You’ll need to buy a house to be eligible for a first time home buyer mortgage in the United Kingdom. Along with that, you must be 18 years old or older to be eligible for the mortgage.

Additionally, you need to secure a mortgage for at least half the price of the home, and your annual income should not be more than £80,000 (before tax).

However, if you owned a house or flat before, even if you are abroad, you likely won’t be eligible for the mortgages. No matter whether you fully own the property or partially.

If you had a home left to you through inheritance, you also wouldn’t be eligible for the mortgage, even if you did not currently live in it. Even if someone who already owns a home buys the property for you, you won’t be considered for the first-time buyer mortgage.

Find Out If You’re Eligible for First Time Buyer Mortgage

Build Your Dream Home With Beneco Financial Service, Your Trusted Mortgage Partner.

Choosing a First Time Home Buyer Mortgage In London

Calculate Your Budget for First Time Buyer Mortgage

Calculate Your Budget

Decide how much you are willing to take, and what will be the interest rate on the loan and any additional fees and insurance. There are always monetary challenges in such deals. For that, you should stick to an appropriate financial plan.

Check Eligibility Requirements for First Time Buyer Mortgage

Check Eligibility Requirements

It will be helpful to look at each lender’s requirements to find out whether you meet the eligibility criteria. As for the first-time home buyer mortgage deal, the eligibility may come down to the specific requirements set by the lender.

Review Loan Terms Carefully

Read the loan terms carefully before signing any agreements. You should be aware of any penalties and repayment schedules. Also, make sure you are in agreement with all the terms and conditions.

Seek Professional Advice

Talk to any well-known mortgage broker like Beneco Financial Services for individual first time buyer advice London specific to your situation. They can help you deal with complex decision-making and find the right mortgage deal. In that case, professional guidance can save you time and money.

Who Need First Time Buyer Mortgage Broker?

The process of finding the right mortgage for a first time buyer can be quite challenging. In that case, having a good mortgage broker can help you to simplify the entire process and provide you valuable guidance regarding your chosen mortgage deal. From an initial consultation to dealing with the necessary paperwork, they will assist you with everything on your behalf. Here are some situations when you should seek the help of a professional mortgage broker:

Complex Financial Situation

If you face a complex financial situation, a first time buyer mortgage broker London can assist you to get the best mortgage deal. As mortgage brokers work with different lenders’ requirements, they can advise you on multiple mortgage deals.

Limited Knowledge of Mortgages

First time buyers lack enough information and experience with mortgages. In that case, a mortgage broker can provide all the necessary information and choices to facilitate the right mortgage plan.

Time Constraints

If you have a busy schedule and not enough time to plan for a mortgage, a broker saves you time. They handle the necessary research and paperwork on behalf of you to get the first time buyer mortgage in London easily.

Desire for Better Rates

A broker can work with different lenders which will be helpful for you to get better rates on mortgage. They can negotiate on your behalf so that all the requirement fulfills your needs.

Need for Personalized Advice

Personalized advice is crucial for first-time buyers. A broker can provide individual solutions based on your requirements to get the perfect mortgage deal.

How an Independent Mortgage Broker Helps First Time Buyer?

An independent mortgage broker can greatly assist first time buyers with expert advice and information on different mortgage options. Apart from that, you’ll also get assistance with managing paperwork and dealing with lenders.

Just like an independent mortgage broker, Beneco Financial Services, as one of the best first time buyer mortgage broker London specialize in helping first time buyers.

Our professional team guides you through every step of the mortgage process. We’ll compare different lenders’ requirements to find the best mortgage deals suited to your needs and budget.

Beneco Financial Service’s aim is to make the home buying process smooth and hassle-free with the best possible mortgage plans. So you can trust us to get the most suitable mortgage rates for your first home.

We Offer the Best First-time Buyer Mortgage Brokerage Service in London

At Beneco Financial Service, we provide the best first time buyer mortgage brokerage service in London. Having worked for many years as first time buyer mortgage broker London, our team helps first time buyers to find the most suitable mortgage deal.

We understand the unique difficulties faced by first time buyers on the London market. Our individual service ensures you get the best mortgage deal available.

Trust us to guide you through the entire process, from start to finish. We are dedicated to making your first-time home buying process smooth and stress-free.

Our Working Process


Calculate the Borrowing Capacity

We help you figure out how much you can borrow, depending on your current income and expenses. Our expert team analyse your financial condition to provide you with an accurate estimate.


Check Deposit Requirements

Your deposit will play a very important factor in getting a mortgage. We will guide you on how much deposit you need. A larger deposit help you to get better mortgage deals with lower monthly payments.


Get a Decision in Principle

A Decision in Principle will decide how much a lender is willing to lend you. In that case, we assist you in getting this from your selected lender. This document strengthens your position as a serious buyer.


Submit Mortgage Application

You can apply for a mortgage with us, once you have a Decision in Principle. Our team helps you complete the application form. We ensure all the necessary documents are submitted accurately.


Receive and Review Mortgage Offer

The lender will review your application and documents, after submitting the documents. If approved, you will receive a formal mortgage offer. We explain all the terms and conditions clearly of your mortgage deal.


Finalize Contracts and Move In

The final steps include exchanging contracts and completing the purchase. On completion day, the funds will be transferred, and we ensure everything goes smoothly until you move in. We also guide you through making your first mortgage payment.

Why Choose Beneco Finance As Your Mortgage Broker?

Skilled Team

We have a dedicated team with years of experience in mortgage sectors. Our advisors remain up to date on market trends and lender policies necessary for providing of the best advice and mortgage options.

Individual Service

Our team take enough time to understand your personal financial conditions as well as your desires. Our professional advisors provide individual advice based on your specific requirements that set us apart from other brokers.

Premium Deals

Beneco Finance has good relationships with many lenders in London. This allows us to provide premium mortgage deals which are not available for others. You’ll benefit from better rates and terms.

Clear Communication

Beneco Finance believe in clear and honest communication with our clients. You will always know where you stand and what to expect next. This transparency builds trust and confidence in Beneco Finance.

Every Level of Support

We will guide you in every step of getting the mortgage process. Beneco Finance is always with you from the first consultation to final approval. Our assistance will make the entire process smooth and hassle free.

Ongoing Assistance

Our service doesn’t end once you get your mortgage. We provide continuous support to help you manage your loan effectively. Beneco Finance is always here to answer your queries and provide advice.

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