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Protect Home and Belongings with Building & Contents Insurance Services

Don’t forget your buildings and contents insurance!

That’s precisely what we say to Beneco mortgage customers – but it applies to everyone. It’s so easy to forget to renew, or price-check or forget to review your cover amounts.

At Beneco Financial Services, we can secure your buildings insurance to cover the cost of building repair if it’s destroyed or damaged by fire, flood or the powers of mother nature. Likewise with contents insurance. Imagine picking your property up, turning it upside down and shaking it – anything that moves would be covered under contents insurance. You can even cover items away from the home.

For buildings and contents insurance, there are many insurers on the market. But, we can help you find a policy with a minimum of a 3 star Defaqto rating (5 star is best).

​Beneco Finance acts as a credit broker, not a lender.

What is Building & Contents Insurance?

Building insurance covers the expense of repairing your home’s structure, including walls, roof, and fixtures. It provides coverage for home damages from natural disasters like fires, floods, and storms. You can also add coverage for your garages, fences, and sheds.

On the other hand, contents insurance covers valuable instruments inside your home, like furniture, electronics, and personal belongings. This insurance helps replace or repair your essential items if they are stolen or broken.

So, you can protect your home and belongings with building & contents insurance. Having this insurance will ensure that you are covered against different natural disasters.

Take Care of Your Home and Belongings With Beneco’s Building & Contents Insurance

Why Do You Need Building & Content Insurance?

Everyone wants to protect their home as well as the instruments inside the home. If you are one of them, building and content insurance will be a good consideration. This insurance provides you with financial security against unexpected damages and losses. Below are some reasons of secured with building & content insurance.

Home Structure Protection

Home Structure Protection

Home is a valuable asset for everyone and should be protected at any costs. In that case, building insurance can help you cover damages caused by fire, storms, and floods. You may face huge repair expenses that put pressure on your finances without having this insurance.

Why Do You Need Building & Content Insurance?

Protect Personal Items

Content insurance helps you bear the expense of your personal items from theft, fire, or accidental damage. Imagine losing your furniture, electronics, or jewellery. In that case, this insurance ensures you can replace them without financial stress.

Why Do You Need Building & Content Insurance?

Financial Support

Disasters can strike anytime, which may leave you with unexpected expenses. Insurance provides financial support during such disasters. In general, building & contents insurance helps you recover quickly without losing your savings.

Why Building & Content Insurance?

Peace of Mind

If you know your home and belongings are protected, it gives you peace of mind. And you can focus on living your life without any anxiety or stress. Basically, building & contents insurance lets you live in your home with confidence.

How We Can Help You?

You’ll find a lot of insurance brokers in London, but a few of them are legitimate, like Beneco Financial Services. Beneco is one of the best building & contents insurance broker London, which come up with complete financial solutions for homeowners.

With years of experience in the financial industry, we have built good contact with different insurance providers in London. This helps us find the most suitable insurance plan for our clients. So, you can ensure that you’ll get the best building & contents insurance according to your financial needs.

Apart from that, our London building and contents insurance brokers will guide you through every single step of the process, from necessary paperwork to negotiations with insurance providers. Beneco Financial Services always ensures providing the best service to every client.

Supporting you through the process

At Beneco Financial Services, we recognise that it’s not always easy for customers to compare products and services and understand the mountain of paperwork from various providers. That’s why we give customers our Beneco pledge to simplify insurance with:

A dedicated adviser to explain the shortlist of policy types and their differences at the outset
Comprehensive online tools to quickly assess the viability of mainstream and niche insurance providers
A clear, concise breakdown of differences between policy quotes and what they cover – and critically what they don’t
A dedicated case manager to process and track all stages of the process application
An automated reminder service at the end of term, to ensure sufficient time to explore better deals at the time
Best Building & Contents Insurance Support in London

How Do We Work?

We do not charge arrangement or consultation fees for personal or business insurance services. After a quick fact-find call or meeting, we’ll explore the market for the best options and essential criteria for you to consider. We know the preferences, strengths and checklists for all the key insurance providers, so we’ll get you to the right solution swiftly and efficiently.

Let’s chat, and start the process of establishing the right solution for you.

Why Choose Beneco Financial Services as Your Building and Contents Insurance Broker?

Why Choose Beneco Financial Services as Your Building and Contents Insurance Broker?

Expert Guidance and Unbiased Advice

The professional building and contents insurance broker team of Beneco will provide you with individual advice on your financial needs. They will first take the necessary time to assess your needs and financial conditions to give suggestions for the best possible insurance plan.

Different Insurance Plan Options for Building and Contents Insurance

Different Insurance Plan Options

Beneco has built a good relationship with 5-star rating defaqto insurers in London over time. So it will be easy for us to find the best insurance plan for you. In that case, we will provide you with different insurance options to choose from so that you get the best one based on your financial needs.

Competitive Rates for Building and Contents Insurance

Competitive Rates

Our building & contents insurance broker London will communicate with different insurance providers to find competitive rates without compromising coverage quality. This will help you save money while ensuring your property is protected.

Claims Assistance

We provide outstanding claims assistance, which will ensure a fast and hassle-free insurance process. Our dedicated team supports you from filing to settlement on time, giving you peace of mind.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the top priority of Beneco Financial Services, and we do our best to exceed expectations. We build long-term relationships with our clients through trust and reliability. So, you can choose Beneco for excellent insurance service.

Why Choose Beneco Financial Services as Your Building and Contents Insurance Broker?

Dedicated Ongoing Support

Our support won’t be finished, once you complete the registration for landlord building and contents insurance. Beneco’s service team is always ready to answer your queries and provide advice regarding the insurance plan.

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